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A Residential or Commercial electric driveway heating system has several benefits.

Icy surfaces are no longer a concern. And facility maintenance costs are reduced because ice-melting chemicals that kill landscaping, increase building cleanup, and degrade concrete and asphalt aren't required. Labor costs fall sharply when parking lots and driveways don't have to be shoveled and plowed. Electric driveway heating is affordable and permanent. Neglecting to clear walkways and stairs can cause injury!

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Radiant Driveway or Walkway Snow Melt Systems don't cost money; they save it!
The cost of the system is more than returned with one avoided legal action. Insurers recognize the value of these systems, rewarding building owners with reduced insurance rates.

The Homeowner who has an electric radiant heated walkway or driveway enjoys a higher value home than one without. It becomes a nice selling feature when it is time to move. The under driveway electric cable system is hidden from view, does not need maintenance like a hydronic water plex tube system and is cost effective. You do not need boiler maintenance or any other yearly check up. There are no moving parts to contend with, no open flames to worry about and you need no other building materials to deal with regarding installation.

You do need to plan for the install. It has to happen when a driveway can be installed.

It is a shame that so many people get radiant driveway or walkway quotes in January when they are enduring winter ice and snow. Or they are dealing with ice dams and inside damage due to water leakage, broken gutters and roof damage. People tend to forget these issues in summer. However, that is when you should be working with a local contractor getting your Nexans radiant heated system installed.

What can you expect from

Your first experience will be a custom quote for a system designed for your area(s) to be heated.

  • We answer any and all of your questions.
  • We can try to assist in finding a local contractor to install the system.
  • We will assist with any questions your contractor may have.

Our quote is for the complete system only. We do not install walkways or driveways or install your snow melting system. Each homeowner must find a local driveway contractor and a certified electrician to do the hookup. Shipping is fast and reasonable. You will need an electrician and a person to layout the cable. We have had homeowners, general contractors or the driveway contractor lay out the cable--this is the "labor" part of the install.

The electrician does all the pre-hookups and then final hookups. We will assist with any and all questions your install people may have. We will coach your team through any planning issues. Any good electrician will be able to handle this install. Usually the electrician is the project "pointman" and directs the install.

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Liked our Customer Service Care!

Regarding Norma Hess from the main Office

The more important reason for this reply e-mail is to tell you how impressed I am with your efficient handling of this quote and explanation of sidewalk heating.

I want you to know that any company should feel very lucky to have a person of your abilities on board. Believe me, I have dealt with plenty of inefficient personnel in my lifetime and it was very refreshing to talk to a person of your talent. Please keep up the good work. I will definitely refer you and your company to any potential customers because of your excellent performance and the way it impressed me. Thank you.


Perry H.
Akron, Ohio


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