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Nexans Cable Heating Systems Prevent Ice Dams and Home Damage due to Blocked Gutters

With the extra snowy conditions that seem to keep happening more each winter--ice dams have become more of nuisance than ever before. The freeze - thaw cycle that comes after heavy snows starts the process of moving melted snow down from the roof and then up and under the fascia boards and shingles. The water is not allowed to move into the frozen blocked gutter and has no where to go but into the home.

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Radiant electric snow cables from Nexans are the perfect solutions to the problem.

Commercial or Residential, can quote your roof and gutter project. Since the Nexans High Performance Commercial Sensor mounts in gutters and downspouts it senses actual environmental conditions. This improves sensing accuracy. Solid state moisture and temperature sensors provide the sensitivity required for effective automatic control.
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Ice bridging occurs if incomplete melting occurs near the heater or sensor leaving an air space. The air insulates thus preventing effective heater and sensor operation. The sensor's unique micro-controller design frees its moisture sensor from ice bridging. Additional features prevent heater operation under conditions favorable to heater ice tunneling.

Cables can be "zig-zagged" along the roof line or affixed to gutters for snow and ice melting.

Using an automatic gutter ice melting control, the cable will operate only when you need it, minimizing operating costs. For information on a complete snow-ice melting systems for your roof and gutter, installed complete with controls, sensors, roof and gutter clips, and spout hangers just email or call today! 

Electric radiant cable systems are the best solution to keeping your gutters and downspouts clear of snow and ice. Nexans electric cable gutter heaters from are affordable and provide the best all around heat output to keep your roof in great condition during heavy winter snow and ice events. Electric gutter heating systems and electric downspout heating is a great way to add value to your home. This type of electric gutter and downspout snow removal product pays for itself quickly. No more leakage of water under eaves, ruining the rooms inside your home, ruining drywall, ruining ceilings. Electric gutter heaters add value to your property and are a great selling point when it is time to move from your home. 

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Gutter and Roof Snowmelting
Avoid Ice Dams and indoor damage due to unmelted snow and ice buildup on roofs, eaves, awnings, overhangs, and other zones along roof lines

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